Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Spirit

I feel much better about Christmas after shopping on Friday night and Saturday.  I have a few things ordered, and a few things left to get, but it is all pretty minor.  So I decided to delight my readership with pictures of Christmas lights.  I think I need a high dollar camera for good effects, but here it is anyway.

Our house

Our neighbors  - isn't this welcoming!
Some more neighbors - these light are really red and really straight.

Our tree with gifts underneath.  Abby and I put it up Thanksgiving weekend.  We bought a pre-lit one a couple of years ago and it is quite a bit easier to put up.  The branches are hinged, so it comes in three pieces.  Our old one was Mae's (mother-in-law's) and it was a nice looking tree but each branch had to be placed in the base after being fluffed and after losing a million needles.

Enjoy the season.


  1. Lisa, you're Christmas gift shopping??? What happened to the money gifts???

  2. I know. I am really going to do it some year, but this year was rather easy.

  3. Well that's good. And I'm sure your kids will be thrilled.

  4. I'm already excited!