Sunday, February 27, 2011


After a nap and a diaper change, it is a fun time to suck on your big toe.  Try it sometime.
Yours truly, Braden Bauer

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

TV on Tuesdays

Kyle went to play bridge/poker some kind of man card games, so I watched a little TV tonight.  The first program I watched was Glee.  I think I used to like it better.  The episode was about teenage drinking and it was just a little odd to mix that with singing.  I did enjoy the song at the first of the episode with the friend of Kurt's, Blaine maybe?, and Rachel sang - "Don't You Want Me?"

Then I switched over to NBC to watch the second half of Biggest Loser.  These people lose fantastic amounts of weight, but I don't know what the statistics are with them keeping the weight off.  Kuddos to anyone who will wear a sports bra and spandex shorts and get weighed in front of national TV.  Especially since the chances of an individual really getting the big money isn't all that great.

I will end the night with Parenthood.  I like this show about an extended family and their trials and tribulations.  One interesting thing I read was that Adam Braverman and Sarah Braverman (brother and sister on the show) are really boyfriend/girlfriend or whatever you call involved people now.  There are just a lot of different situations and the show tends to focus on different people on different weeks. 

It is all just a warm up to tomorrow night with The Middle and Modern Family.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!  Braden and I made cookies and then we took his picture to add to the cookies.  When I got to Ray's, I made the photos, then checked out the Valentine's options.  They had the cutest option of a page of valentine's cards.  There were eight on the page and all I had to do was cut them apart and tape them to the cookies.   They were wallet sized if anyone thinks that would be a super idea too.

We had a great weekend and a busy one.  We had a play date at Sara's on Friday, then set up for the middle school dance after school, and sponsored the middle school dance.  Saturday we ran errands, and Sunday we went to church, took a walk, and had the pictures made.   Then we went back to Manhattan, and Blake and Tamara got home at about 9pm.   We are both feeling a little like Braden's picture below.
It was a fun weekend and he was a very good boy. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

In the Rat Hole

Back to a random picture from the past.  I chose this because Braden is the age Blake was in this picture.  Kyle always let the kids sit in the "rat hole" even when they were big, well maybe not after high school.  I am pretty sure this picture was taken right after lunch and Kyle was getting in a nap and I was cleaning the kitchen.  I am sure many of you are having feelings of jealousy over not owning a floral couch like this one.  We no longer have it either.  We also don't have the lovely crocheted pillow I made to go with the couch.  The best part about it was that it was cheap.