Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Meals on Hot Wheels

Every year I volunteer to deliver Meals on Wheels during the summer if our church needs a substitute. So on Monday, Paige, Abby, and I headed out to do the north route. They are super organized at Apollo Towers and give a detailed list of who gets meals and where they like them delivered. They are also in a logical order for delivery. Abby drove (did great as she self proclaimed a number of times) and Paige and I ran the meals to the houses. It did take a while for some of the people to get to the door, but most were waiting for us. Only one hitch. We had just delivered on 7th street, and I read the next address as 7th street instead of 9th street. When we got there I said, "I thought someone young lived in Lori's old house", but Paige jumped out and ran the meal up to the door. The young person at home insisted that she didn't receive Meals on Wheels! It only took about an hour, so then we treated ourselves to lunch at Tasty Pastry. Oh the good feeling!