Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas #2

Christmas at my parents always includes a birthday celebration for my mom as she has a Christmas Eve birthday. 
Neelly got to eat in the old Neelly high chair.  It is fun to see these family treasures used for the next generation.
We changed our gift openings to late afternoon after naps so the little ones would be in better moods and so that the people who were leaving that evening could get an earlier start. 

And two more of my favorite subjects.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas #1

This was Christmas at our house on Dec. 22.  The kids all came in the evening for dinner and opening presents.
It is impossible to get everyone looking in the same direction!
Braden ate his dinner from his Great-grandfather Bauer's high chair.  It collapses into a stroller too.
Neelly got a Tiger hat.  Purrfect!

This boy is on the go.

Blake is ready for duck hunting in his new waders.

Braden is sitting for just a minute.

Whew!  A fun, fast evening.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Snow Day

Paige, Neelly, Abby, and I decorated cookies this afternoon. Actually, I made the cookies and Paige and Abby did most of the decorating. I told them to find some of their favorites for the blog.  I know you can all see it, but the one on the right is a Powercat.

Here we have a United Methodist cross and flame, a tree, and the Star of David.  We are an eclectic group.

The poor snowman on the left met the neighborhood dog.  Drats!

And this girl would not nap!  But she was pretty happy in the jumper.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


This post is a week late, but we celebrated Tamara receiving her masters degree at KSU last Friday.  She had some small ones at her graduation.
The kids did very well considering it was rather lengthy. 

Tamara crossing the stage.  The doctoral candidates took longer because they each received their hoods.  The masters degrees walked across the stage in the same way the bachelor degree people do.  This was the first grad school graduation I had been to.
"Hello.  Yes my flower doubles as an umbrella."
"And my hello wave is like a fist pump."

The graduate's family.  I didn't get one of Tamara with her family, but her parents were there and her sister, Tiffany.  Then we went to So Long Saloon in Aggieville to have a bite to eat. 

Now we have our third masters degree in the family.  Congratulations Tamara!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Attempting a New Profile Picture

Since the kids were both here on Sunday, I thought I should update my profile picture since they change so much. Paige took 5 pictures, and here they are.  They are on the move and it isn't an easy task.

They were both really good and played before a nap.  Please don't notice that I am wearing my cat burgler outfit.  I really meant to put another shirt over the black one, but it just didn't happen.