Thursday, December 10, 2009

10 Things on the 10th

Ten comments on holiday treats.

Some I like
1.  Iced cut out sugar cookies.  It is a tradition that I make them then Kyle and whoever else is around will frost and decorate them.  My favorite cookie!
2.  Puppy chow - love the chocolate peanut butter mix, but what a mess with the powdered sugar.
3.  Wassail - A lady at school always brings a great one for one of the days we share snacks.
4.  Fudge - Creamy chocolate - I like the one my mom makes with the chocolate and butterscotch layers.
5.  Oyster cracker snacks - the best in tomato soup.
6.  Other Chex mixes - I like several of those.  I made one this year that used pumpkin pie spice and was a sweet mix. 
And some I don't like
7.  Ribbon candy - whoever thought this was a good way to consume calories?  It was included in a sack of candy given at the Christmas program at school, along with these chocolate covered white cream things which weren't as bad.
8.  Anise flavored anything - licorice flavor - yuk!
9.  Eggnog - too raw eggy
10.  Fruitcake - we used to occasionally receive one as a gift when I was a kid.  It must be an acquired taste.

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