Monday, October 31, 2011

Holy Cow

Our first trick-or-treaters were two farmers and a "Holy Cow".  That is the halo on her head.  Kyle guessed she was Dairy Queen which I thought was kind of clever.  They received the grand prize of a chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn dinner.  We thought about asking later trick-or-treaters if they would like a chicken fried steak, but decided to keep them for ourselves, and the crew pretty much wiped out the gravy and potatoes. 

Abby also came home for Halloween - actually for a haircut.  Unfortunately, after her haircut she looked like this.

She got her first speeding ticket ever by Garfield school during a school zone time.  She pulled over to let the flashing lights get to the place it needed to go, then they pulled in behind her.  So she was going 27 in the 20 and is $85 poorer.   The rest of us have spent quite a bit of time feeling really sorry for her. 

I'll be hopping tonight answering the door.  We usually have around 30 kids, but a brisk business so far this evening so we might have more with the nice weather.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Birthday - A Little Late

My birthday was the first of October and I am just late getting pictures downloaded to share.  Kyle fixed the meat, and everyone else brought the rest of the meal.  Abby and Derek brought the above Dairy Queen cake which is a favorite.

We were glad my parents could be here too, actually I think it is the draw of these two!

I got out the Little Tykes car that my parents gave Blake when he was almost 2.  We didn't ever take the car outside as there was plenty of room in the old house to ride in the car.  Braden is old enough to really enjoy getting in and out.  Neelly wasn't quite as sure.
Here is an old picture with the kids in the car.  I know it was in the fall of 1986 because Blake broke his arm the Sept. he was four. 

There is a reason this is blurry.  Hold on Neelly!  Actually don't send me concerned notes.  There was someone right beside her.
It was a great day with everyone there.