Tuesday, September 29, 2009

KSU Family of the Year

We had a great day on Saturday as the KSU Family of the Year. Blake and Tamara nominated the family through Chimes Junior Honorary. There was a brunch at the Union and we were recognized on the field between the third and fourth quarters.

Grandpa's letter jacket from the early 30s. Blake had it professionally framed and added pictures. It really turned out neat!

Sorry that my brother's family and my sister couldn't be there on Saturday. My grandpa would have really enjoyed it too!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Big Weekend and More

I am a little late posting about our big weekend. We were up bright and early on Sat. (left at 5am) for Champaign, IL which is about two hours south of Chicago. Our good friend, Randy Carlson's daughter, Dana, was getting married that day. We traveled like the good Bauer time makers that we are and arrived at about 2:30. The wedding was at 4:30 and the reception with a dinner and dance followed. We knew Randy's family and Rocky, Kim, and family were there. It was also good to see Dana's mom, Libby, and her high school children. We left Champaign at 10:15 with Cord and the girlfriend in tow because Suzi and Randy were taking Reid on to school in Michigan. They were great about traveling in the Bauer fashion and we were back in Clay Center at 6:30. One thing that made the time pass more quickly was that I went to the library and got a book on CD, Marley and Me. It took over 9 hours to listen to that. Even the kids at least didn't complain about listening to the second half- at least not to us! Which makes me realize all too late that we should have been traveling with other people's kids instead of our own all these years. No complaints from the back seat.

Busy day today with Kyle going to El Dorado for a Taste of Home Cooking School and I am doing the book and clock for 7th grade volleyball. Then the PEP is hosting a hamburger feed at the stadium, so I will go out there and watch some football, and stay to help clean which is a project of the 8th grade to raise money for the World's of Fun trip in May.

Plus Happy 50th to Marilyn today (Pig-Out at school in her honor) and to my niece, Jill, for her 24th birthday.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

10 Things on the 10th

1. Loving the weather. I can't remember when it has been so cool for so long in August and September.
2. First home volleyball tonight, so will be keeping the book for the 7th grade. They were absolutely giddy all last Thursday for their first VB/FB games, hopefully they will relax today- but the good news is I have a meeting this morning and it will be the substitute's problem.
3. My new favorite cracker is Flipsides pretzel crackers. Salty and crispy.
4. We are off to Champaign, IL for a wedding this weekend. I know it will be fun, but a lot of driving - 8 hours each way.
5. Home Tiger game tomorrow night. I'm on 8th grade team this year and the class cleans the stadium to make money for their year-end World's of Fun trip. All of a sudden I'm loving 7th grade team more!
6. Kyle mowed last night while I was at class. Yippee!
7. Had a missing girl yesterday - sent the para to find her. She was in someone else's class. Wonder if I would notice if I had an extra kid.
8. I am loving this teacher for the master's class. She gives us time to work in class without a bunch of extra busywork.
9. I think I want one of those little notebooks that you can get on the Internet with. I love my school laptop at home since we have a router. Looked a little bit on Saturday. I don't think I need (want, not really a need) any Office software - just the ability to get on line. Our desktop computer seems increasingly slower. It was new in 2003, so is a dinosaur. Another teacher and I were talking about whether the notebooks would be a possible way to have more computers in the school for a much lower cost. The kids could even do work on google docs as long as we had parent approval. (I guess you have to be 13 to legally be on it.)
10. Favorite fall food I am looking forward to - soup, many kinds.

Later, Lisa

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Fun

So I had someone ask what happened to my blog, and I said I haven't posted lately. So I guess since I have two readers - both of whom I am related to - maybe I will try to post once a week and see how it goes. Sometimes it seems like it would just be the same old same old, but that is probably what everyone is craving about my life!

Anyway, we had a great time at the lake yesterday. Lori, Jenna, and Austin were there plus Darci and all our family. It was a beautiful day for a person who doesn't ski and sat on the beach all day. But I was careful to reapply the SPF 30 and absolutely no redness today. Here are a few pictures from the day.
Darci and I - head shots only I insisted.

Tamara, Jenna, Blake Kyle and Austin (skiing)

Russ, Paige, Lori

And Abby resting in the sun.

All was well until the boat made a loud pop and they were pulled in to the dock. Seems like the boating season is over for this year.