Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Moore Christmas

After looking at the weather, we weren't sure how many of us would make it to Pratt County, but we ended up with everyone there.  It is also my mom's birthday on Christmas Eve, so we celebrate that at noon and then open presents in the evening.  Here is my mom with the grandkids.

There was a big debate over who would be the "Santa" and dig gifts out from under the tree, and I ended up doing it.  It has been the kid's job for many years and they all think they have had their turn.  I think I will find a way to be otherwise occupied next year.  It is a tough job and requires one to stay on the floor all night. I did find time to take some pictures.

My brother and his wife sharing a gift.  Isn't that cute.

Blake is proud of his new trouble light.
Dad, Mom, my sister, and nephew.
My grandparents used to sit on the couch, and the kids used to take up a lot less room.

Brent receiving the traditional tool box from Grandma and Grandpa.

Jill and Eric
More games and card playing followed, and I should have taken a picture of all the delicious treats that were shared.   We left at 8am on Christmas morning and got here about 11am.  It only got worse during the afternoon with blowing and drifting snow, so we traveled at just the right time.

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