Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow Day

Is there anything better than a 5:15am phone call to announce a snow day?  I was really expecting it, but still is a nice surprise.  Then I get up to call Mindy, the next person on the calling tree, make coffee, read, and surf the internet.  My Salina Journal was a little late today, but I will excuse them this time.  It has snowed on and off all day, but in the last half hour it has been pretty heavy.  Already Chapman has called off school for tomorrow.  I think we will at least have a late start.  The superintendent used to live across the street from us, and Abby always talked about taking any snow we have and piling it outside their front door so he would think we had a lot of snow.  Here are some pictures from 3:30pm.


Also, happy birthday to my brother.  I celebrated by staying home today.  I did get some work done for my class, so that is a good thing and am procrastinating getting my Christmas letter done.

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