Monday, October 26, 2009

Amazing Race

So my couple is out of the Amazing Race. They were kind of the leftovers since Kyle picked the brothers and two other fairly strong teams had been picked by Russ and Paige. Now I wish I had picked the former Miss America and her husband. My Mika/Canaan team were consistently in the bottom half, then last night was the icing on the cake when she wouldn't go down the water slide and they lost to the Globetrotters. Good grief! Did she think everyone was stacked up dead at the bottom of the water slide? Did she think that she would really be passing through a shark tank and not through a clear tube? Why didn't Canaan just shove her down the slide? Or ride down it together like Kyle did with the lady at Oceans of Fun? Anyway, it is just as well that they are gone.

Busy week with parent/teacher conferences tonight, Taste of Home cooking school tomorrow, thirty people at our house for dinner on Wednesday for KCLY winning Small Market Station of the Year (no master's class this week), jr. high girls basketball and high school football on Thursday, and a Brownback fundraiser on Friday. We should be home on Saturday, and I have my treats purchased for trick-or-treaters. Now if I would only remember to DVR my favorite shows!! I always remember too late. Oh well.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Good Weekend

No pictures - just had a good weekend with some down time instead of going the whole two days. Abby was home, not feeling well, so that is bad. Hopefully she will be on the mend soon. We went to the KSU game, tailgated with friends, then Blake invited us to sit in the Intrust Bank suite on the east side. It was pretty chilly out, so that was a luxury. Our group might make us sit elsewhere all the time as well as the Wildcats played.

Kyle went to Enterprise, bought another saddle, and rode LT both days. They are preparing for the trail ride the first of November. Then he left for Topeka and the KBA convention where KCLY is going to be honored as Small Station of the Year. Yeah!
As for me, after Sunday School and church, we enjoyed a new recipe, Chicken Pot Pie. I have plenty so I guess that is my lunch for the week. I also cleaned around here and went for a walk with Cathy and Taylor. Then had to wait forever to watch Amazing Race because the football game went into overtime. My team is still in, but they are weak and always in the bottom half (Mika and Canaan).
Everyone have a great week.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

10 Things on the 10th

Wow, Another 10th is here. So here we go.

1. We are on our way to KC this afternoon to go to the Chiefs game tomorrow. Seemed like a good idea when the forecast was for 50s and sunny last weekend. Guess I'll take everything I own to wear. It will be a good time regardless, and my first Chiefs game.

2. We will find somewhere to watch the KSU/Texas Tech game at 6pm on Fox Sports. Good thing we are with K-State fans, Mike and Jackie. You can count on them to really watch the game. That is always a problem when watching games with other couples - someone wants to chat about other things all through the game.

3. Finished my birthday celebrations last night going to the Country Club with the Hafner's. I had the quesadilla appetizers and the plate was huge! I brought 3/4 of them home, so that is lunch today.

4. It is 31.5 degrees today at 7:10 am. I am glad that I brought my outdoor plants in or just dumped them a week ago.

5. I am reading Steve Doocey's book, Tales from the Dad Side. Steve is an anchor for Fox Morning News and a Clay Center graduate - one year ahead of Kyle. There are references to CCCHS that are fun to read.

6. I thought Shelly from the library said Tales from the Dead Side when she left a message on the machine, so when I went to the library I told the ladies at the desk that I thought Shelly had the wrong phone number. It has been awhile since I requested the book.

7. I have discovered that I need some new winter coats. Nothing like a good cold snap! I cleaned out my closet exchanging summer for winter clothes a couple of weeks ago. I am trying to throw away or give away things that I don't wear or don't fit.

8. Next week is Spirit Week at school. My least favorite week of the year. Put a hat on a kid's head and they act all goofy.

9. Due to several factors, I ended up as the 8th grade B team volleyball coach on Thursday. We went 1-1 and they played pretty well considering I had to send a girl out to find a teammate and she was on her cell phone and one girl didn't play because she had just had her nose pierced. That could have been a factor in the win.

10. Maybe I should get the Nobel Peace prize for dragging three kids to the office for fighting in the hall. Seems like qualifications have been relaxed.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Birthday Fun

The kids were all here on Sunday to celebrate my birthday. Don't you love the Strawberry Shortcake cake? I can't believe she has made a comeback as she was popular with little girls Blake's age. I love the sweet Crisco frosting!

The kids had fun meeting LT, aka Lightning but that was a sissy name or something. Note the picture of Blake with Tamara behind. LT was a little stubborn with new riders so the stick you see Tamara has is really for the horse, not for Blake.
Kyle and LT practicing for the trail ride in Nebraska in November.

A thoughtful crew enjoying the day.