Thursday, January 7, 2010

To Be Or Not To Be

I keep asking, "Aren't we a recycling family?"  Yet I continue to find cardboard and plastic in the trash.  Really, they don't do too badly most of the time, just have occasional lapses.  About a year ago, our town started a curb side recycling program.  We get bags free at several locations then plastic and tin go in one bag, papers in another, and cardboard can be torn down and stacked in boxes or paper bags.  There have been comments that I go over the top with the toilet paper roll tubes, but good grief, that is a major cardboard contributor to the landfill!  We think we have cut our trash output in half and when they start taking glass it will be even more.  I have been surprised how much lightweight cardboard we throw away.  We have a large sack of the plastic/tin every other week to put out.

Just doing my part for the planet.
Less in the Landfill Lisa

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  1. 3L--We recycle our tubes. But I draw the line at recycling the paper covering on the outside of teabags. I think that is a little over the top. Can you guess which child doesn't think that is over the top?

    And I, too am amazed at how much less 'trash' we have. If we had a garbage disposal we would have even less trash. We might be those people that you and I make fun of--the ones with one little plastic grocery sack of trash. :)

    We have paper and plastic every week. Cardboard every other week.

    Just imagine if everyone would do this how much better off our landfills would be!