Saturday, January 9, 2010

Age is about Perspective

My brother will be singing today at the funeral of this lady.

Jean began her career as an extension agent in Pratt County in 1972, so was there during my high school years.  I guess I just assumed that she was a lot older than me, but in reality she was not quite 10 years older.  She was the person who drove us to Manhattan for 4-H Roundup and put up with our goofy girl talk.  I had no idea she was only 25-28 at the time!!  Now that seems so young.  She was a fun person but didn't ever try to act like one of the kids. 

Her contribution to the Pratt County Fair and 4-H program continued until about two years ago when she retired.  I enjoyed seeing her again when I would attend the fair and she was never too busy to stop and talk.  Fittingly, her memorial service will be in the room of the new building at the fairgrounds that bears her name.  Thanks for all you did, Jean.

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  1. I was surprised at her age, too. I guess when you're a teenager, everyone seems old. She was a great asset to 4-Hers, their parents and the entire community. Rest in peace, Jean.