Sunday, January 10, 2010

10 Things on the 10th

Here are the Bauer boys with their catches hunting hogs in Oklahoma.  Russ got one the day before.  I guess it is OK to get a goat too.  So the Bauer girls spent the day together in Manhattan.  Here are 10 things that the Bauer girls were up to. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera (sad face).

1.  We met at Tamara's and first went to the Verizon store since my cell phone got dropped in Dollar General while it was ringing and I was fumbling through my purse.  Long story about why I no longer had an upgrade available but involves a girl who needed a phone earlier so used my upgrade that was from about 2002.  My old phone was good.  Even had an antennae.  The kids at school had never seen one like it.

2.  We ate at a little cafe place called Stephanie's, I think.  it is about 1/2 block south of Celebrations of the Heart on Poyntz.  I had an interesting sandwich, cheese, green apple, and bacon.  Tamara had biscuits and gravy - trucker special order, and Paige and Abby had some kind of turkey sandwich.

3.  Then to Wiesners to pick up sewing machines for school.  Have had a run of bad luck.

4.  To the mall.  Paige wanted to find boots, but thinks she found some on the internet that she likes better.  I got some towels, Tamara got some peach candy, and Abby got nothing because she didn't take her purse in so she wouldn't spend any money. (Her plan for the whole day.)

5.  Next to Tamara's dad's store on Poyntz.  Paige got a hair dryer with Christmas money from Grandma, and I got an orange scarf with a Tiff and Tam label that will be good for ballgame days.

6.  On to some shop on the corner west of there - starts with a C.  Tam got boots.

7.  Paige wanted to get her ring cleaned at the jewelry store, so we looked around in there.  They also were nice and cleaned my ring.  It looked really sparkly!   Then we all spent $1000 (except Ab) on a little something for ourselves (That is a lie, did I have you worried Blake?)

7 and 1/2.  Forgot this earlier -  Went to Aggieville so Paige could get books for her master's classes.  Abby went to a coffeehouse to get Honeyed Milk.  It was a little sweet for me.  I went to Palace Drug but it isn't what it once was. No cards.  And I stopped in at the second hand book store but their system is a little hard to understand and I figured the girls were done.

8.  To Pier One - Paige got some Christmas decor at 75% off. 

9.  We went to the movie, Blind Side.  It was really crowded and by the time we got there, there weren't four seats together, so it was hard to share the popcorn.  We all really liked the movie.  On the way out we refilled our pops and popcorn to be ready for number ten.

10.  Went to Tamara's to watch My Sister's Keeper in their new Man Cave.  It is really nice with new couches and a big TV with surround sound.  Paige didn't like that the movie line didn't follow the book in the end.  I get weary of Jodi Picoult's characterization of the mom as being the bad guy in her books.  I didn't think it came over that strong in the movie. Then back to CC.

You decide.  Our day or the boy's day?


  1. Well, I would say the girl's day for sure!! But, I would have made you go to Target and also to Panera Bread!!! And I would have LOVED to gone to the movie theater to see a movie!! The last time Shane and I went to the movie theater was in 1999, to see Water Boy!!! He hates going to see movies!! Isn't that crazy!!! Sounds like a great day though!!!
    Hunting hogs??? Is that like deer hunting??!?!

  2. Yours, hands down! (Sorry guys, even if you did remember your camera!) Lisa, I carry mine in my purse. It's heavy, but handy.

  3. Well, third time trying to post should be the charm! Is sounds like you guys had a great day! On another note, are you reading Something Blue before you read Something Borrowed?? If so, STOP! You need to read Something Borrowed first. I will bring it tomorrow if you don't have it.

  4. Bridgette - bring Something Borrowed Tomorrow. I didn't really know they were in sequence until I started this one. Have you read the other two also?

  5. I pick the guys day!!!! And you did catch me off guard, but didn't scare me. I was thinking that Tamara already bought her birthday gift, herself!