Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy new start to 2010.  Even typing that is different.  I think I will say twenty ten, but we will see what everyone else is doing. 

We had a great dinner last night with Russ, Paige, and Abby at Tailgater's in Clifton.  The specials were prime rib or jumbo shrimp.  Paige, Kyle, and Russ had the prime rib, and Abby and I had the shrimp.  We told Abby that she should bring her KC friends from school to Clifton to see what small town fine dining is like!

Then Abby fixed an appetizer for her sleepover, went out to Parry's for a while, then we had girls here for the night.  The rest of us played BauerBauer which is a variation of five point pitch that the kids and Kyle made up a long time ago.  You play with 9 cards and there are six points out.  We have taught Russ how to play and he is doing really well.  It is a different  mind-set than ten point pitch where all the cards are always out.

Today I am working on my project for class since it is Friday and it was my intent to start it this week.  As far as a resolution, I don't have a great one this year yet.  One year I decided to work on writing my 5's because they tend to look like S's.  That really didn't go all that well.  I think I will do something boring like continue to eat well and exercise regularly.  The cold weather has put a damper on going outside, but I have a treadmill and a cheapo exercise bike, so I really have no excuse. 

Must go.  Time to play games again.

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