Sunday, January 31, 2010

Final Introductions

I am currently attending the last class in which I will go to Riley for my master's program.  We are part of a co-hort so we have a prescribed class list that all of us are taking with the exception of the last two classes if one is lucky enough to have some hours in the last five years that will transfer.  I had enough to skip one of the classes and have elected to do the on-line one instead of going to class every Wednesday night.  Anyway, back to introductions.   It has been interesting and almost comical that while the instructors change, the people in the class do not change (except for three who have dropped - one was non-renewed, one moved, and one quit after the first or second class).  So we have introduced ourselves to each other ten times.  This time we had to make a drawing and then interview another class member as to their place of birth, what and where they have taught and for how long, etc. etc.  It is all pretty much the same drill, but occasionally we do find out new information about each other. 

We are a mix of people, with two men, ages ranging from in our 50s to the 20s.  They are the smart ones, getting the master's degree when they are young.  I have told several who do not think they have the time or money now, that they will never have a perfect time to do so.  The time has gone quickly and getting to know everyone has been fun.  We won't know what to do with our Wednesday nights when we are done!

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  1. I DO NOT know what I will do on Wednesday nights! Honest. I think we will have to get together just to see one another, or take turns hosting Wednesday night TV! :)