Monday, January 25, 2010

January Birthdays

We celebrated both Kyle's and Abby's birthdays yesterday - the right day for Kyle and Abby's is on Wednesday but I will have class and she will have chapter meeting at ADPi, so we did them together for the first time in history.  It made it a little trickier for the cook who will fix what the birthday person wants, but the only two requests were mashed potatoes (Abby) and crock pot corn (Kyle) so I filled in with spiral ham, layered lettuce salad, strawberry and banana Jello salad, Tasty Pastry rolls, and for dessert a layered chocolate pudding concoction with a variety of names.

Here are the birthday people.  Kyle (52) and my baby will be 20 on Wednesday.  I am feeling old.

Paige and her dad.

Birthday girl.
 Abby and I.
I recently got a bunch of pictures developed - like from the past year and realized there are very few of me so when future generations wonder what I looked like, there will be something beside church directory pictures every five years. 

The next two pictures were taken without me realizing that we weren't alone in the pictures.   Pesky brother.  Note the brace on the left arm.  He chipped a bone in his wrist playing basketball last Sunday.  At least he didn't need a cast.

By the way, Paige didn't tell me she was going to take this at this time.  Thus the rather insipid look on my face.
Who does that kid belong to????
The birthday boy and me.  

On another note, my sister has started a blog.  Look for it on my blog list.  


  1. You have a lot of January birthdays in your family because if I remember right(and who knows if I can now that I am 30) your birthday is at the begining of Jan.?!??!?! Or is it Blake with a Jan. 2 birthday??!?!? See, I'm getting old and forgetfull!!!
    I want the birthday boys recipe that he was talking about today on Plain Talk!! It sounded sooo good!!!

  2. Every family has a camera clown, don't they??

  3. Sounds like a fun filled afternoon. Food sounded great! Happy birthday to Kyle and Abby!!