Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thoughts on CDW (now Sister's Farmhouse)

I have heard from a couple of people who read my blog who are, I will say interested, in the recent comments on her blog which is in my blog list.  I have read this lady's blog for at least a year because she is a good writer and just lives over at a town just west of Manhattan.  She has four sons, worked part time in a greenhouse and just blogged about ordinary things.  However, this all seems to have changed.

While I don't support her opinions, we still live in America.  The struggles she seems to be going through are questions that most people have asked themselves.  A faith that is black and white and where there is always an answer then falls apart if something happens which seems to have no answer, or you realize there really is a lot of gray in the world.  I don't know what church she is no longer wanting to support (not UMC because we don't elders) because it is empty six days a week is definitely not my church which has activities almost every day. Many avenues to helping with disasters are through the churchs' organizations. I do know that what she is experiencing now doesn't seem to have brought her much happiness and peace. 

She also must have had some interesting encounters with some self-righteous homeschoolers, and there are some out there.  While I know this would not have been a good option for my super social offspring, it is a good choice for some.  There are some who do it right and well, and there are some who don't.  We have had homeschoolers begin going to school in middle school who get along fine, but we have also had kids who have gaps academically, socially or both.  I find it interesting that CDW is so adament against it when it seems that her complaint with religion is it's inability to see both sides of an issue.

For now I will leave her in my blog list.  It is anyone's choice whether to click on the link.  Faith is a journey not a destination.

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