Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm Going to Miss Them

Last Wednesday was our last trip to Riley for completion of a  master's degree through Baker University.  We started out in Nov. 2008 with eighteen classmates.  This is the group who made going every Wednesday enjoyable.  It is hard to believe it is over, but the first instructor we had said it would go by quickly and there would be changes in our lives to go through.  So we have had a wedding and babies born, and jobs lost and gained.  The five of us from CCCMS had the advantage of bouncing ideas off each other, but we were only an email away from the others.  So heres to Melissa, Jennifer T., and Jeanne who left early for various reasons.  And a special farewell to the ones who completed their degree:  Bridgette, Jane, Tami, Jennifer C., Kelly, Jennifer M., Jenny B., Megan, Donica, Mary, Craig, J.D., Colby, and Mindy.  Thanks for everything and good luck in the future.


  1. Great Job Lisa & classmates!! What an accomplishment. Proud of you.

  2. Great job to my well-educated sis!