Friday, May 21, 2010

World's of Fun

Yesterday I went with the 8th grade class to World's of Fun in Kansas City.  I think this is the 6th year our school has done this and came about when we dropped the 8th grade promotion ceremony.  Now we have a awards night and this trip.  It was raining when we left CC, rained all the way, then stopped when we got to the park.  Although it was cloudy and would occsionally mist, it only started raining again once we had all the kids back on the busses at 6pm.  The crowds were very light, so they got to ride as much as they wanted.  We left them go on their own with required check-in times and that seems to work great.  They like the freedom, and so do the teachers.  I saw a boy from another school walking around with a gigantic pink stuffed gorilla and at least we didn't have to find a place for something like that on the bus.  I think our kids prefer to spend their money on food and a $20 ride on a bungee cord.  We got home at 10pm and today is their last day of middle school.  Yippee!

PS - The funny of the day was when one of the teacher's bags was checked at the gate and he said, "Do you know that you have spurs in your bag?"  They were her son's and she forgot she had them.  They let her in with them, so they must not be on the dangerous weapon list.

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