Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pawn Star

Last night at 9pm the show we usually watch, Castle, was preempted by Bachelor - Wings of Love (gag, and I watched the very end because we thought Castle was going to be on.  Really, was she the prettiest girl out there?  She must be nice.)  So we had to look for something else.  We tried Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, but that always makes Kyle hungry.  So he said, "Let's watch Pawn Star."  I said, "OK, but I have watched it once and all they did was sell guns and I am not interested in watching that."  He said, "You must have been watching something else.  They don't sell guns." 

First item up for them to purchase - a flame thrower from the Vietnam war.  OK, maybe not a gun, but close enough.  Second item up - a gun that this guy wanted to sell because he was getting married and needed money for the honeymoon. 

Channel changed. 

We ended up watching Cake Boss.  Since we have purchased a wedding cake in the past 18 months and know how much it costs, how much would a Leaning Tower of Pisa cake cost?

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  1. More than a cake for a Clay Center or Stafford wedding I think!