Friday, March 19, 2010

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday this week is about your first date.  Now it could have been your very first date, or your first date with your spouse.  I decided to go with Kyle and my first date because it was way more interesting and I'm not sure I really remember the other.

This would have been in Sept. of our junior year at KSU.  I was Kyle's "Big Sister" at FarmHouse which didn't mean anything and there was another guy who was also my 'brother".  Kyle joined the fraternity as a sophomore and I had joined the now defunct Little Sister program as a freshman at the request of my grandpa.  Kyle had called "several" girls to go to a Catholic wedding dance in Clifton and they couldn't go.  So he called me and I agreed.  It was not unusual for a FH guy to call a Little Sister in a pinch.  So after the football game, sunburned from sitting on the east side of the stadium, we headed to Clifton. 

Now when we got there, of course Kyle knew everyone and I knew no one unless Lori was there which I can't remember.  I had never been to Clay Center, Morganville, or Clifton.  I had never been to a wedding dance or seen the dollar dances for the bride and groom.  Those were the days of  cake receptions in my part of the world.  There were some memorable characters who I will never forget from that night.  I also met his folks and danced with his dad.  After we left the dance, we went to his house and he ate a meatloaf sandwich and turned the rotor on the antennae so he could watch a channel from Nebraska.  Also something I had never seen before.  By the way, we were in the brown Monte Carlo from the last Flashback Friday.

We made it back to Manhattan, and I never dated anyone else. 
The end.