Friday, March 26, 2010

Flashback Friday

The flashback topic is what Easter was like when you were growing up.

Easter was a special holiday growing up.  When we were younger, my mom made matching dresses for my sisters and myself.  Sometimes they were the same fabric in a different pattern, but usually they were the same pattern with fabric the same but a different color.  We had new underwear, socks, and shoes.  Sometimes we would wear Easter bonnets, but the elastic string underneath the chin was not very comfortable. When we went to the Byers UMC, we had a joint Easter service with the Friends church in the country SW of Byers.  There was a sunrise service and a breakfast, then back to for SS and church.  The Easter bunny would have brought a basket of candy and we dyed eggs and hid those before and after Easter.  My mom made us really count the eggs well when we hid them in the house!  We had Easter dinner at either our house or my grandparents. 

Someday I will get a scanner so I can post old pictures.  I have to say we looked pretty darn cute.  I don't remember much about what my brother wore.  I am sure he had new clothes, but my mom didn't make them.  She was probably pretty glad he was a boy or she would have been making four Easter dresses, and sometimes one for herself too. 

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