Friday, March 12, 2010

My First Ride

I saw a post on another blog about "Your First Ride", so I looked for pictures for what we drove in high school.  I have a sister a year older, and one three years younger, so I always shared a car and if we didn't have anything after school we were on the bus.  We had an El Camino to drive for a while.  It was a good car, but hard to get a lot of friends into your vehicle.  Could have been my parent's plan. 

It was a two toned green but this is as close as I could find.  It met a bad end when Darci was rear ended by a semi while waiting for construction.

I think I was a sophomore, maybe a junior, when Kim and I got a Cutlass Supreme to share.  It was eventually the car she took to college and then we shared in Manhattan.  This picture is close to what it looked like.  Then Darci came to Manhattan and we shared another Cutlass, and then I got married and we had a Monte Carlo.  I remember the hood on it was really long.

Now there is a little family history, kids.


  1. Thanks for the drive down Memory Lane! Those were good cars. I drove the Cutlass until it expired and could not be revived.

  2. Where was the photo taken? Beautiful colors!!

  3. It was taken in Sitka, Alaska. If I had known has pretty the colors were going to turn out to be, I wouldn't have done the "Where's Waldo" with Kyle.

  4. That's funny. I didn't even see him the first time I looked at the photo. I saw the people to the right, but not Kyle.