Monday, March 22, 2010

How Did I Do?

Here is my list of what I was going to get done over Spring Break.  Let's see how I did.

1. Paint the wall above the cabinets in my kitchen. I will have to take down wallpaper, so hopefully it will strip easily.
Got this done.  The paper came down OK and I like the maroon color above the cabinets even though it is one of the four colors I use in my house and I maybe should branch out according to a couple of girls who feel free to offer their opinions.

2. Find curtains for the kitchen. I have looked at JC Penney and haven't found anything so I might end up making them. This is when I need my sister-in-law's skills.

I bought some gold fabric, but don't know what to do with it.  Lori is staying with us on Friday night because it is Jenna's Mom's weekend at KSU so I will get her opinion.  I am all about other people's opinions.

3. Get stuff around for the annual UMW Rummage Sale on March 27th.

I do have the stuff in one place, but didn't really look around for other things that probably should go.
4. Go to Manhattan and get things on my list. I could go as far as Topeka, but maybe not.
Went to Manhattan and got some things for school.  I wasn't in much of a shopping mood, so it was a short trip. 

5. Buy a new porch swing for the walk-out basement. The old one is a disgrace and dangerous.
Doggone it.  I could have looked in Manhattan, but forgot.

6. Change the picture on my blog. I hope we are done with the snow.
I did change my blog look.  The header picture was in Skagway, Alaska last summer.  After I saw how pretty the colors were, I wished I hadn't played "Where's Waldo" with Kyle in the picture.

7. Finish up my portfolio for class. I still will have an on-line class, but it doesn't have to be included.
Zippedee doodah!  I did finish this up.  I also decided to not do the on-line class but continue to go to Riley the next six weeks and just be done.  But the portfolio didn't need to include anything but the core classes, so I'm done with that.

8. Continue to work on eating out of the freezer. Why can't I make good progress on this? Too much goat?

We are still doing this.  Yesterday I served the family freezer burned tater tots.
9. Cleaning I don't usually do like baseboards.
Didn't do so well with this.  Oh well, it is still waiting for me.

10. Let's be real. I am going to spend time reading, watching TV, and surfing the Internet.
I did this and watched a lot of basketball.  It was a great weekend to be a Wildcat fan.  My bracket at school looks a little tough, but I am imagining that are several holes in many people's brackets.

Now back to school!


  1. You did great! Me? Not so much, but sure had a good time. Next year I'm putting that on my list! Have a great week!

  2. Sure sorry I missed those freezer-burned tator tots! Sounds like you did pretty well. Have a good week at school!