Friday, April 2, 2010

The flashback this week surrounds our fashion memories. You may elaborate on your childhood Easter fashionsand/or share about styles in general. What fashions were popular when you were growing up? (Any time from birth to high school graduation) What did you beg to wear? What style did you happily embrace that you now look back and think, "Ugh! Whatever possessed me to wear that? ( Of course, pictures would be great - the more hideous embarrassing, the better!) Have any of these come back into style? What have you worn that you vowed you never would? (You can also include hairstyles in your walk down Memorial Fashions Lane!)

I really need to get a new printer/scanner.  That is definitely on my list of things to do.  But for now I will just find pictures of things I can remember wearing or wanting.

I really wanted go go boots when I was in grade school/jr. high.  I had some boots eventually, but they weren't white.  I had trouble getting some to fit because my calves were big.  If I was in high school now, I would be one of the smaller girls, but in the 70s I was just average sized and thought my calves (and lips) were big.

Scooter skirts.  There were shorts that had flaps over the front and back so they looked like a skirt.  I had several and they were in really bright, big prints.  Thankfully hemlines started to fall as I got into older high school grades.   I think my shortest dresses were my 8th grade graduation and baccaulaureate dresses.

Smock tops were all the rage and oftentimes were made from fabric as colorful as the examples shown above.  My mom said they looked like maternity tops.  That would have been true of the day, but anymore maternity fashions are pretty form fitting.

Hair was a whole other issue.   Long and straight was the general style and I could do straight, but my hair was pretty thin for long.  We didn't have the nice flat irons to straighten hair so some girls actuallly ironed their hair.   When I was in grade school, if you wanted curls, you had to sit under something like this.

It was a perfect excuse to read a book for an hour or so.

It's a happy Good Friday day off today.  Easter steak tonight per Abby's request.

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