Saturday, April 10, 2010

10 on the 10th

It is the day for a new 10 on the 10th.  Beautiful weather makes for a great spring weekend. 

What are we doing this spring?

1.  We put our sun shades up on our back patio today.   It makes my stomach hurt to see Kyle up on the roof, but we got it done. I wouldn't watch but I always need to help.   It makes such a difference in our living room temperature.

2.  I brought summer clothes down from upstairs.  I had no short sleeved shirts to wear and very few summer shoes.  I have a whole tub of flip flop/summer sandals.  Definitely more summer than winter foot wear.

3.  I planted some of my garden last weekend.  So far we have potatoes, onions, beets, and spinach in. 

4.  I love going for my walks without a jacket.  I think I will walk up in the cemetary today.  It is always pretty quiet!

5.  Abby was going to a KSU baseball game today.  We went last year to one and it was fun. 

6.  I am planning to go to the Tiger's softball game on Tuesday.  It is kind of nice to go when you want to, and if the weather is bad, you just don't go.

7.  It was fun listening to the kids talk about their track meet on Thursday.  The 7th graders have no idea how they will stack up with other kids until their first meet.  The 7th and 8th grades girls and the 7th grade boys all were first in team totals.

8.  Grilling outside is so much easier when the weather gets warmer.   We are going to grill salmon from our Alaska trip tonight.

9.  Enjoy the flowering trees.  The crabapple, pear, and redbud trees are really pretty right now.

10.  Get out the old self-tanner so the summer legs and arms won't be quite so scary.  I like this foam stuff from Neutrogena.

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  1. I had to make the switch to summer clothes, too! Lucky you, that you can use the self-tanner. It makes me itch. My glaring white skin is going to shock everyone!!