Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Day

Yesterday was a beautiful day for Easter.  There were lots of people out enjoying the weather. 

It was also my Easter debut playing piano/organ duets at church at the second service.  We played Holy City for the prelude and a medley for the offertory with C.L. on the trumpet.  Then the congregation sang all the good Easter hymns, "Up from the Grave", "Christ the Lord is Risen Today", and "He Lives".  The attendance said 325, but I saw some people come in late, so it was more than that.  It was also good to see some old friends who had brought their dad back to Clay Center for church.

We took a couple of pictures outside.  Abby wanted hers taken with Chet.

Kyle and I had ours take by the forsythia.
Paige and Russ had gone home to change, so no pictures of them.  We had ham, cheesy potato casserole, asparagus, bread from the $2 breadmaker Kyle got at the UMW Rummage sale, and strawberry rhubarb crunch.  We played several card games, took a walk, and watched Amazing Race.  It was a great day.  Blake and Tamara were in Augusta and we kept in touch with my sister's celebration from my nephew's texts. 

Happy Spring!


  1. Wasn't it beautiful? That is the nicest weather I remember on Easter in awhile! Happy Spring to you, too!

  2. The main menu was very similar, though the bread course was homemade rolls here and we had birthday cake and ice cream for dessert. Glad you had a good day!

  3. I hadn't noticed Kyle in the background of your flower picture. Kind of a Where's Waldo moment for me.


  4. The music at church was BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for your part in it!!

    Nice picture of two of your favorite
    children :)