Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day and the Big 3-0 Anniversary

It was an exciting Memorial Day weekend around here.  We went to the lake on Saturday afternoon, but I didn't take my camera. After church in the park on Sunday, Kyle and Abby took LT and Patrick for a ride. (I worked in the garden.)

Then on Monday, the actual day of the big 3-0 anniversary, Kyle and I went to the Veteran service at the cemetery.  Paige played in the city band, but I would either have gotten a picture of her back, or been at the speaker podium to get her picture.  So here is a picture of the band, and Paige is in it, right behind Cathy on the very left hand side.  She plays baritone for city band.
We also visited Kyle's folks graves at the cemetery with Blake and Abby.  Paige had taken up something on Sat.  Then we had a delicious steak dinner complements of the kids.  Afterwards we received a couple of great gifts.  The first was Paige's find (with the assistance of Terri Parry) at the UWM rummage sale in April.  It has a place of honor on the plate rail I don't use in the kitchen.
The kid's real gift was a wireless printer, scanner, copier, fax.  I have been wanting one, so I am super excited to have a printer that will work with my home laptop.
In the afternoon, Blake, Kyle, and I went to the cemetery at Aurora where Kyle's mom's parents and grandparents are buried.  We also went by the farm where they lived in Cloud County.  It is always interesting to see all the French names in the cemetery.
We had a terrific day with the kids and appreciate them planning something.  It is hard to believe it has been thirty years since we got married.    It was a hot and windy day in Pratt, but up here they got a big rain that night.  Then it turned into the hottest summer on record and we lived in a trailer, sort of like living in a big tin can.  Then in 1981 . . . oh, I guess I won't recap every year.
This is supposed to signify thirty.  Just in case you thought we had gone nutty, and no, it wasn't our idea.

PS - check back later for pictures from 1980.  I have to figure out the scanner.


  1. And you'll be scanning pictures of the big day soon, right??

  2. Happy Anniversary! And many more!

  3. I can hardly wait to see me in the pink bridesmaid dress - oh, and you two, of course! You will enjoy having the scanner, etc. And since your photos are so much better organized than mine, you will be able to easily find the ones you are looking for. Lucky you1 Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a fun day.