Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ag in the Classroom

This week I am going to KSU for a class called, Ag in the Classroom.  We learn about activities we can do in our classrooms to promote agriculture and relate it to our student's lives.  Yesterday we talked about statistics and learned about food sweeteners.  We made a seed mat out of construction paper and water, and used knee high hose and grass seed to make a head that will grow "hair".  It is always fun to be on campus even if it is with a bunch of other teachers with name tags hanging around our necks.  I have no illlusions about looking like a college kid!

Everything went well except this morning when I got dressed, I found this cute pair of black flip flops and wondered why they were pushed to the back.  I got my answer later in the day.  I have a big blister between my big and second toe.  I think it will be tennis shoes for me today.  We are to see demonstrations in the morning, and then go on a little field trip to different places in Manhattan.  Wednesday we will go to farms in Clay County, a dairy in Washington county, and end with a barbeque at a cattle ranch at Wheaton. 


  1. I've always been interested in this program! Sounds great!

  2. Sorry for your poor feet. That's why I don't like flip-flops (and yes, I know I'm weird.) Sounds like fun, though I find it ironic that you will be visiting farms in Clay County. Can you meet them there - ha!?