Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Should I Wear a Crown?

This morning was a marathon in the dentist chair.  I went expecting to replace two old fillings, and had called ahead because something didn't feel right with the very back tooth on the bottom of one side.  When I got there, he said I would need a crown.  I asked him if that was the final answer, and he said yes until after the build-up and then he said it wasn't really the only answer and I could just have it pulled when the build-up, which is kind of like a filling, and the cracked tooth around it gave way.  So now I need to decide.  Is is really redneck, backwards hillbilly of me to think that it isn't worth messing with a crown when no one else will even know if it is gone if I decide to pull it?  I have six months to decide. 

Then my two fillings turned into three and I left the office quite a bit lighter in the pockets and with the left side of my mouth numbed up.  I usually don't have them numb it but the work on the cracked - to be maybe crowned tooth was pretty extensive I guess.  I absolutely hate the feeling and would rather endure a little pain than this feeling.  And it makes my dentist call me "A Tough Old Bird."  Got to love that.

I put my diet pop to my mouth and it feels like my tongue and lips are twice the normal size.  I am trying to deal with it. 

If you have any experience or opinion on the pull vs. crown dilemma, just comment.  I would love the help.


  1. Did you ask your dentist how the loss of the tooth would affect your chewing? Why do you have 6 months to decide? Is that when your tooth is scheduled to "bite" the dust, so to speak? I am the queen of crowns, as you well know. I would never even THINK about having dental work without pain meds, so I guess you really are a tough old bird. I don't like the numbing either, but I'm also not big on mouth pain.

  2. He didn't say anything about chewing. I think I have six months to decide because that is how long they think the build up will hold , but it could be two years.

  3. I just had a root canal today and if the tooth would have been in the back I would have pulled it. Pull it!

  4. I HATE dentists! That is my biggest phobia. I am not a "tough old bird!" I'm a wimp.