Friday, June 4, 2010

As Promised

Wow!  That scanner was really hard.  You put the picture in and push the button!  Here are some wedding, honeymoon, and one picture of the trailer decor.

We were married in the Pratt United Methodist Church.  And even though my kids have trouble believing it, my wedding dress was in style.   No one wore strapless!
I just always liked this picture.

With both sets of parents.  So the burgandy tuxes made the guys look a little red.  Really, they were in style too.

The wedding party.  L-R  Roy Speer, Cindy Stratford LaFleur, Brad Butterfield, Lori Bauer Butterfield, Matt Forkner, Kim Moore Fritzemeier, us, Brenda Neelly Black, Eric Carlson, Darci Moore, Kent Moore.  Flower girl - Amy Stoffel, Ring Bearer- Justin Moore

  This was on a duck in the Ozarks.   We couldn't figure out how the driver knew we were newlyweds.
Inside the trailer.  We were so proud of getting a stocktrailer worth of furniture for $300.  The most expensive thing there is the wedding photo album on the coffee table.


  1. Yes, kids! It was in style.

  2. You want me to come work with you on this new dealy-bob you got? I can give free lessons. :)

  3. I think I figured it out. Have I mentioned lately how much I prefer iphoto?

  4. My kids always comment on Randy's white tux as well. Kyle really rocked his, too.

  5. That one picture is a little too mushy.