Thursday, June 24, 2010


My brother posted some harvest pictures yesterday.  Kyle talked to him and they are about done in Pratt County.  My nephew's job this year was driving the combine, but I am not sure what my brother or dad's jobs were.  I don't know for sure who took these pictures, but it seems like we haven't taken harvest pictures like they did in the past.  When I was a kid, my family did not take a complete hot meal out to the field.  The workers came in for lunch, then later in the afternoon, someone would take a sandwich lunch to the field.  When we got married, Mae sometimes took a full dinner depending upon where they were.  And John always had coffee which I thought was crazy when it was 100 degrees anyway outside.  I do remember the first year we got married I helped by hauling wheat in the gold truck or the older truck affectionately known as Duane, and I also drove the grain cart some.  On one field we were out after dark and this flatland girl got disoriented in the terraces.  Whoever thought you would have to drive in circles to get around in the field?

When we went to Kyle's cousin's burial service on Saturday, another cousin brought a picture for Kyle of his dad's combining crew in South Dakota.  He went up there and farmed before he and Mae got married.  It was one of those real little old pictures, so we went to Patterson's and enlarged it.  We were really pleased with the quality, but while the crew might have been his, he is not in the picture.  Notice how big the truck is for 1948.  Kyle remember the pull type combine being on the farm when he was a little boy even though they didn't use it anymore.

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  1. I remember the pull type combines from when I was a kid, too. I have such mixed feelings about my childhood memories of harvest. Sounds like a post there somewhere!