Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Hello to all you blog stalkers who are waiting for the Wed. installment of Ag in the Classroom!  Conveniently for me, the first stop was SE of Clay Center along the Broughton Road at the Martins. We learned about drip irrigating as well as other types of irrigation and also we shown some of the "mash" they feed cattle that is the residue from an ethynol plant.  Don even had Tasty Pastry rolls for us - see the boxes on the tailgate.
We then went NW of Clay to the Cott farm and learned about no-till and crop rotation.  A person from the pork association also talked to us and came with material to use in the classroom.
We went back to Clay Center for a box lunch at Utility Park.  The Washington girls suggested it instead of Dexter where we were originally going.  The gazebo was empty, so it was great other than the cotton flying around.

Next we went to Willow Creek Dairy north of Linn.  The manager showed us the whole operation and it was a much better tour than you would get if you were with a bunch of kids. 
Then I had to leave the group to go to respect calls, so I will find out tomorrow what they learned at the place by Blue Rapids.

The days are really packed, but it has been good information.  I think tomorrow is around Manhattan and we are done at 5pm.  Thank goodness.  I need a rest.  It is summer for goodness sakes!


  1. You must be ready for your summer to begin!

  2. This blog stalker thanks you for your report. Wish you could come to the Miss Kansas pageant, though, for old-times sake!