Monday, February 15, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays

(note that Karen was the drummer and her brother the pianist)

Paige commented on my blog yesterday thinking I would choose a Carpenter song because she knows that I really liked the Carpenters.  I think it was because Karen was a low alto and so I could sing along and not have to strain for the C above middle C.  So with that in mind, I have chosen a song for today.  It doesn't really work for today because we are having an in-service, but was one of their hits from their third album released in May of 1971 (end of 7th grade).  And that my dear children, is why I wouldn't think of it as a love song even though I had a long term relationship from 5-8 grade.

If you have never heard the song, here it is complements of youtube.

No flute, but a harmonica and a saxophone.  And a lovely yellow frock.


  1. Huge Carpenter fans at our house. We altos love songs we can sing to without changing octaves several hundred times!!

    OK. And I have to ask. A relationship grade 5-8? !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The relationship never got past holding hands at ballgames and dancing together at school dances. I was from the northern part of the school district and he was from the southern part, so we lived about 30 miles apart. There was one other guy, but he didn't last long after I got a gift of his sister's half used perfume.

  3. The only thing that disturbs me about this is that you posted it at 5am! Seriously!?!? That means you would have had to be up well before that to get everything cranking and post by 5. I am not my mother's daughter!

  4. Loved The Carpenters and, after all these years, I can probably sing every word of their songs. And, actually, after you posted yesterday, I thought about favorite love songs and I thought about "Close to You." Sappy, I know.

  5. In response to Paige, I did not post at 5am. I scheduled my post to appear at 5am. I was in bed, but I wanted to post early enough to catch the earliest bird.