Monday, February 22, 2010

Basketball Weekend

(So this isn't exactly the right kind of Thunderbird, but it is the best I could do.)

    After school on Friday, Kyle and I headed to Pratt to watch my brother's son play basketball for my old alma mater, the SkylineThunderbirds.  For those of you unfamiliar with Skyline, it is a 1A school located about 2 miles west of Pratt and serves quite a bit of rural Pratt County.  We got there at half time of the girl's game and my sister-in-law said, "Glad you are here.  People have been asking when Kyle is going to get here."   WHAT???  This is my old school, but Kyle has all these listeners who heard him say that he was coming to the game, so they were all waiting for him.  My bright moment was when a former classmate's mom called me by my sister's name.  (She later stopped me and apologized.  Guess she forgot who was married to Kyle.)  The Thunderbirds won the ballgame and Brian's basketball is about to wrap up as he is a senior this year. 

   Then we drove to OU with friends and watched the OU/KSU game.  I had not been in Lloyd Noble arena and I think it was a rather quiet atmosphere.  The students are stuck behind the band in the end zone so have a smaller impact on the game.  It was easier to see the other KSU people there when the OU people left about half way through the second half.  I think it was about 2/3s full.  We ate at a place called BJ's which had a really good skillet cookie with ice cream for it's signature dessert. 

   We left there about 7:30 am and the roads weren't icy until we turned north at Newton on Hwy 15.  We still got back a little after noon, so it was nice to have some time at home.  My wonderful husband put in a new garage door opener for me which I will enjoy every day.


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  1. I'm not sure how to take the mistaken identity comment. However, good to see you.