Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10 on the 10th

I grabbed a handful of these hearts from the candy drawer for my 10 on the 10th.  I bought the Necco ones at Dollar General, so maybe the Brach's ones would have different sayings.  Here are the comments.

1.  Love You.  Obvious, but not easy to put in a school valentine for a kid.
2.  Nice Girl.  Now that is all about me.  I do know some bad girls.
3.  Ask Me.  Ask me what?  Time and temperature?  Out on a date? 
4.  Sweet Love.  I have that.  I love sweets.
5.  Be Good.  For all my kids out there.
6.  One Kiss.  Does anyone stop at one kiss?  Especially Hershey's Kisses.
7.  Honey Bun.  Picture me sitting in my chair in my living room and reaching over to give this one to Kyle.  Picture him reaching for his glasses to read it.  He prefers Honey Buns, plural.
8.  Cool.  Groovy would have been better.
9.  My Man.  See number 7.
10.  My Treat.  That's a good thing to hear on Valentine's Day.

And I just ate them all, except 7 and 9.  Those were Kyle's.


  1. I love this!! Too funny! :) Happy 10th to you and your Honey Bun!

  2. Sisterfriend-- if you ever give me that mental picture I got on 7 and 9 again, I will never speak to you again. Just sayin'.