Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This Girl

This girl is going back to KSU tomorrow.  She caught this monstrous fish with Paige and Russ a couple of weeks ago.  Her jobs this summer have been giving baths at Presbyterian Manor from 6-10am and cleaning motel rooms.  We have joked about how that is going to impress the heck out of the girls going through recruitment who ask what she did this summer!

She may take her Power Rangers gun.  She would have liked me to wash the t-shirt every day, but that didn't happen.  She loved her Power Rangers.  Notice the cute belt and holster.

Some in the family have accused me of spoiling her.  But I ran across this picture, which was really of Blake's birthday, but notice the girls on the divan.  I will not be held fully responsible!

Have a good year, Abs.  We will miss you here at home.
Love, Mom


  1. Go, go Power Rangers. (It was none of that girly pink Power Ranger stuff either!) Maybe she needs to morph into superhero status to get her car packed (which I hear is a bit of a motivational issue at the moment). Have a good year, Abby!

  2. Actually, Abby was holding me! We had to get up so blessed early to watch someone else open their birthday presents.

  3. Awww, AbbyAbbyAbby! I called her that when she came to stay here during our "day care" days. (Not sure she liked it..LOL) We had so many Power Rangers here, maybe that's one reason she liked coming over. Power Rangers or no...she has grown up to be a very nice young lady. Proud of you Abs!!! :)
    Hope you have a great year! XXOO

  4. Wow Mom! I really need to start reading your blog more often. Thanks for the shout out though! It was great getting to spend time with you this weekend and I'm sure I'll see you next weekend for the game.