Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fun Times

I have had some people indicate they wanted more pictures of Braden, and I don't want to be a grandma that bores you with pictures, so if you don't want to look, stop now.  It's all about him.

The proud parents.  They look pretty good on very little sleep.

The proud grandparents.  They needed their sleep the night before in order to look really good for the picture.

Uncle Russ and Aunt Paige taking their turn.

Aunt Abby takes over.  She even got to watch him the end of last week!  Grandma is jealous!

Kent, my brother, and his family were in Manhattan to drop Brian off at KSU.  Brian and Braden came to Manhattan on the same day. 

 The Bauer boys three generations pose for a photo. 

His going home outfit on Saturday.  As you can see, he is already sporting the KSU gear.

This Saturday.  He was pretty sleepy in the afternoon, but Tamara and Blake say he is wide awake in the middle of the night.  I'm pretty sure he is going to be a blond.

My parents, Blake, Braden, and me.  Braden was happy to get to meet his great-grandparents.

That's enough for the first week.  They just change so quickly in the first year.  I love to hold newborns with their little legs curled up and they snuggle in.  We are blessed that he is a healthy boy with great parents.

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