Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hot Out?

I couldn't resist this cartoon, but I had to edit out the popcorn's response.  Use your imagination.  Isn't this how it has been the past few days, though. 

In other news, the girls and I saw the movie, Dinner for Schmucks, yesterday.  At Manhattan, on Thursdays a small bag of popcorn and small drink are $1 each which is quite a savings for the movie theater.  The only low moment was when Paige yelled out from the line, "Mom, did you ask about a senior discount?"  The 15 year old behind the glass said, "No discounts for matinees."  Thankfully the 50 plus man to the lef tof me spoke up that I was too young for the discount.  I said to the offending daughter, "What senior discount starts at 51?"  But later Kyle informed me that AARP starts at 50 and Valerie Bertinelli was the cover girl for that publication this month.  As for the movie, it had it's funny points and made me wonder who could have thought of all the things in it.

Last night we went swimming in the neighbor's pool, which was a great way to cool off.  There was another neighbor there with his 2 year old grandson, and it was fun to watch him.  That will be us in a couple of years!

The primary is over.  Maybe we will get a break from the phone calls for a while anyway. 


  1. It won't be you if you don't give in to your children about the pool in the backyard. But after the senior citizen comment ... I wouldn't give in.

  2. First of all, the discount is Tuesdays, not Thursdays as previously stated. I would hate to send your readers astray. Second, I simply asked (which may not have been a good idea). There was no one else 'in line' besides the other 50 year old. Third, I was just trying to save us some money (for the pool). And in case others want to know, you only have to be 55 to get the discount. Don't be too proud!