Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shopping for Thanksgiving

The grocery store circulars come out in the paper on Tuesday evening, and it is time to do that shopping for the Thanksgiving dinner we will host next Thursday.  How does one decide on turkey?  Is Best Choice at $.67 per pound really the Best Choice?  Honeysuckle turkeys are $.99 and Butterballs are $1.19. Must be expensive to have all those people at the ready to answer questions about cooking a turkey.   Then I saw a Dillons ad that they were $.39 a pound, limit two, for Jennie-O which I have never heard of.  Also saw a recipe where you wrap the turkey in bacon.  Now that sounds pretty good.

The rest of the meal will be pretty traditional.  Mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes (for everyone else), stuffing (hope mine is close to Mom's), cranberry salad, green beans, rolls, and an assortment of pies.   Other people will bring, so if you are reading this and coming to my house, tell me what you want to make.  If you aren't coming to my house and would like to contribute, feel free. 


  1. Have you bought the stuff for sweet potatoes?? We could bring those! If you've already bought the stuff just let me know. Also for your information Jennie-O is a Hormel product :-)

  2. That sounds great. I will plan on you for the sweet potatoes. And thanks for the Hormel trivia.