Tuesday, November 10, 2009

10 on the 10th

Time again for 10 things on the 10th.  I have decided that I am going to post 10 things to be thankful for in Clay Center.  Feel free to add things by commenting below.

1.  Beautiful courthouse square.  It is the centerpiece of downtown.
2.  Active churches in the community.  They provide lots of community support and service as well as a gathering place and support for families and individuals.
3.  Utility park.  If you haven't checked out the Christmas lights, be sure to do that when they get set up.  The power plant guys have done a great job of maintaining and improving the park as well as a planned expansion.
4.  Ray's Apple Market - great grocery store for a small town.  And they give back to the community, as do many of the local stores and businesses. 
5.  KCLY - can't leave this out even though I am involved.  They do a great job of following Clay Center and area sports, giving air time to benefit auctions, and provides emergency information during storms.   Also, The Dispatch.  We are lucky to have a daily newspaper in our small town.
6.  Schools - again I am involved, but I am thankful for all the great teachers my kids had.  The schools are small enough that everyone knows each other, yet large enough that kids can find their niche and a friend group.
7.   Lighthouse for Christ.  They have provided for families in need for many years now.  A big thanks to all the workers who sort through the stuff and especially for Donna whose level head provides the much needed balance between compassion and tough love.
8.  City Band Concerts - On Wednesday nights in the summer, the city band provides free concerts at the band shell in Dexter Park.  Many musicians give their time and talent to these performances.
9.  Hospital - not all communities our size have a hospital or as many doctors as Clay Center.
10.  Parents who watch out for each other's kids.  This is invaluable and so important for parents to create a network for ideas, extra helping hands, or just to check out information coming home.  I greatly appreciated the people who helped and were our network when the kids were home.

I am sure there is plenty more that I didn't list.  November is a good month to remember how important it is to be thankful for many things.


  1. I read this once a week and thought you might like someone to comment so you knew if was worth keeping up! Not sure about that parent network thing. Might have gotten me in trouble a few times!

  2. I think people from other towns would say the Bakery and nut rolls!! So many people ask me about the Bakery once the hear I'm from Clay Center!!