Thursday, November 12, 2009


So we got out of class early last night (which is on the down low because someone somewhere in a Baker class complained about not getting their money's worth by staying the full time) and I noticed that Glee was on Fox and had been wanting to watch it.  Now there will be people out there, P and A specifically, who don't understand why I don't DVR everything I want to watch or watch it on line, and to that I say - It just isn't that important!!!
     It was an interesting show with a lot of people in this Glee club with issues which I assume is the reason the group got together but I haven't watched any of the rest of it.  I liked the stereotypical PE teacher who then you later found out has a Down's syndrome sister.  Another storyline had everyone in wheelchairs to gain empathy for a group member who actually is in one.  However, I didn't like that when the two glee members were having a sing-off they both had the same voice. 
    So for this Roger Ebert review, I give the show a thumbs up and will probably watch it again.


  1. Tamara and I watched it once because Abby recorded it at our house and I thought it was rediculously dumb. Thumbs down:(

  2. Ridiculously dumb Blake? You know that is just how Tiger Chorale was!!!