Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The 35th reunion of Skyline's class of 1976 was last weekend.  Not sure how it has been 35 years, but do the math.  Out of 33 graduating seniors, we had 16 attend.  Six have died from various things which seems like too many.  We met at Lemon's Park in Pratt and had hamburgers and hotdogs cooked by Joe Berry and everyone else brought a side dish. 

It wasn't the best idea to do the playground picture to actually see people.  Oh well.

Cindy and Brenda

Leisa, Cindy, and I

Cindy, Leisa, Yvonne, Me, Leah, Brenda, Sheryl (Tami was there.  Don't know why she didn't make it into the girl picture.)

Bob, Me, Tami, Cindy

Leisa, Yvonne, Cindy, Leah, Brenda

I figured we would meet at 3, eat at 5, and be done at 7.  However, after it got dark, several of us went to Club d'Est downtown and shared more memories and laughs.  When we graduated from high school, it was the tradition to go on a senior trip.  The boys wanted to go somewhere and just stay and boat and fish.  So we went to some place for that in Austin and it was a dump with the horses and boats down river about 20 miles.  We left a day early and went to Dallas/Fort Worth.  We had two couples as sponsors and I think probably 25 or so of us ended up going.  The smartest thing we did was hire a chartered bus rather than driving it in a school bus.  We talked about where we ate, and we couldn't even remember anything except McDonalds.  Bless our sponsors!  What a great way to finish the years together.  

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