Thursday, September 1, 2011


I finally read a little this morning about the controversy with KSU and EcoKat.  According to Pres. Schulz on FB this was the intent.

"EcoCat was always meant to be a fun, local, way to communicate creatively about energy savings. It was never meant to be "national". We rolled it out 12 days ago - and things just took off. We aren't going to do anything which will put K-State in an embarrassing position."

I guess some KC stations really had fun with the super-hero looking woman and even suggested she would replace Willie.  Twitter was blown up with all sorts of tweets. 

Why did they not take a picture of me?  I dutifully recyle paper, plastic, cans, glass, cardboard, and aluminum.  However, I'm not sure the average college student will seriously be into recycling or turning off lights. 

It took two hours after the introduction for it to be all over the social media.  Now that says something about the speed of communication today.

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