Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Boston - #2

Day two started off with a trip to Harvard Yard.  There were quite a few people on that part of the campus and it was interesting to look at the old buildings.  We refer to it as "our time at Harvard".   We also went to their bookstore/spirit wear store, The Coop, and ate while we were in the area.  To get around, we figured out the subway system which was pretty easy and definitely cheaper than cabs for the trips we took.
This was the blue train that had a stop right by where we stayed.  It was clean and well lit, costing $2 per ride.
We also went to the JFK museum on Monday.  This isn't a great picture because they are renovating the front entry area.  It was pretty interesting since it was history we had lived through although were pretty young at the time.
On the way back, we got off at a stop and looked at another church and the cemetary attached.  These gravestones are so old it is difficulty to read the inscriptions.  Also I noticed that the stones are turned every which direction.  In the midwest, we tend to have the graves so the coffins are running east and west.  These are in rows, but around the edges are markers that run the opposite direction. 

In the evening we went to see Blue Man Group.  It was an amazing, high energy show.  We were one row back from where they handed out ponchos to the audience in case it got messy and things flew out into the audience.  We nabbed a couple of ponchos from the row ahead of us just in case, then wished we had taken them with us for the next night.

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