Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Rest of New England

The Atlantic Ocean at Kennebunkport.

A noon concert in the park and a covered bridge in Vermont.
The Breakers in Newport, Rhode Island.  It was owned by the Vanderbilts at the turn on the century.  There are a number of mansions in Newport that are now open to the public.  This one was tremendous with marble, gold, even platinum on the walls.  Amazing.
Another Newport mansion.  You can still rent this one for special events if you want.  It was also the setting for the movie, The Great Gatsby.
Plymouth Rock.  Really thought it would be more than this. 
Toured a replica of the Mayflower that sailed from Europe to the US in 1957.

It was a great trip. 

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  1. Where are your 50 photos of the ocean? Oh wait ... that's me! I have enjoyed seeing glimpses of your trip. Is that just what's left of Plymouth Rock after people took it home for souvenirs? Hmmmmm...