Friday, March 4, 2011

Summer Job

This was my summer job between my junior and senior years in college.  Crick's, in downtown Pratt, sold children's wear and supplies on the main floor and women's clothing in the basement.  I was not tempted at all to buy any of the baby clothes, and as I was looking through the old album, I thought, "Wow, I would have a hard time working there now and bringing any money home!"  As part of a graduation requirement for vocational home ec. ed. I had to work in a related occupation.  It was a good place to work, and I have pictures because we had to complete some kind of paper to explain what we did.  You can tell my looking at the cars that this was a few years ago! 

Here I am behind the cash register.  I look fairly tan, but I think that is because I spent most weekends at Clay Center and we went to the lake. 

Hmm - pretty serious about the little girl's dresses.

My biggest day was when a lady came in and bought a lot of stuff because they just found out the were adopting a baby.  And it was a relative of mine - kind of down the line but still a relative because it was on Grandma Neelly's side and she counted relatives way back.  Otherwise, there were many days of reorganizing socks with ruffles.

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  1. I love seeing you back when! Love your dress and tan...ah, the good ol' days before tans became bad for us! (Or at least we didn't know it!)