Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break - Part 1

Kyle and I went to Puerto Rico for three days over spring break.  It was good to get away, and nice to not need our passports, or worry about drinking the water.  Since they are a commonwealth, they use US money so we didn't have to exchange when we got there.  English is taught in all the schools and we met very few people who couldn't converse well enough to have enjoyable conversations. 

We stayed at the Marriott in San Juan.  It was on the beach and had a beautiful pool too.  The Marriott provided towels, loungers, and umbrellas for their guests.  There were also many interesting restaurants within walking distance.

This restaurant was about a block from the hotel and had omelets, etc. for between $3-$5.  When you ordered coffee, they assumed you wanted it with milk, and I must say it was a tasty luxury.

While we were there the first morning, a man delivered plantains.  The Puerto Ricans eat a lot of plantains.  We tried several but didn't really care for them too much.

We spent some time on the beach the first morning.   The water is a beautiful blue and the waves were rolling in.  It was windy, but people still went out a ways into the water.  Not me. 

In the afternoon, we went to Old San Juan and toured the fort built by the Spanish to protect the bay into San Juan.  It is hard to believe how old the fort and city is - I think it was in the late 1400s.  Columbus did not land in San Juan, but there was a statue honoring him.
The view from the fort along the coast. 

More later.


  1. Dana's family was stationed there when he was little. He has always wanted to go back. It looks beautiful.

  2. Glad you had fun! The ocean and all the colors look beautiful.

  3. Looks so beautiful. Enjoyed listening to Kyle talk about the trip on Plain Talk last week!!!

  4. Beautiful! A little bit of heaven!