Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break - 3

On Wednesday, we sailed on a catamaran and tried our hand at snorkling.  The ride to the reefs was pretty smooth which is good even though I took Dramamine before we left.  Included in the price was beverages, including rum punches, and a sandwich and salad buffet lunch.  There was also a great fruit tray with something we had never tried before - tamarind is what I think it was called.  It was like a date or fig.
The aforementioned bar.

This is the best picture I have to show how blue and clear the water was.  We didn't take any pictures snorkling because it was all I could do to manage the equipment as it was.  And my glasses didn't work in the goggles, so I am sure there are things I missed seeing!  Kyle's top of his snorkle went underwater several times, so he drank the salt water, and I would forget and try to breathe through my nose, breaking the seal so that I got a nose full of salt water which might have been like a neti pot cleansing without the price of going out and buying one.  However, my ears also got full of water, and I couldn't hear worth a darn for a while and didn't think my camera was taking pictures, so I have about six of Kyle in the same pose with different people walking past him.  Here is a great series of shots.
Lady from Philadelphia.

Lady from Boston.  Came with her mom and mom's friends who just wanted to stay at the resort casino.

Girl in bikini.  Not with our group in the boat.
What a great shot!  The most impressive thing is that I kept them all on my SD card.

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