Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break - 2

While in Puerto Rico, we had to try plantains in many ways.  I forgot to take a picture when the food was delivered to us, but you can see the different things on the top plate and they all contained plantains in some way.  The bottom is the rice and beans which is served separately in PR.
Then we went to a restaurant called The Parrot Club and ordered the nachos.  The meat was delicious but was served on the plantain chips.  It just wasn't the same as salty tortilla chips.  The drinks two flavors of martini drinks that taste nothing like real martinis.  The one was coconut, but I can't remember the other flavor or it was pomegranite and I don't think I spelled that right and don't want to bother to look it up.

The next day as we were driving to the rain forest, we stopped along the road to buy fruit from this lady.  She was about the only person we encountered who didn't speak English.  We bought bananas, mangos, and a papaya.  There were others set up along the highway and also people selling sandwiches, etc.

We went to the visitor's center at the El Yungue Rain Forest.  The flowers are orchids that just grow on the poles. 

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  1. The flowers are beautiful! (I am so ready to see spring around here.) What a great experience!